What does LFPS stand for?

Light Fantastic Production Services MD Rob Myer on the core values that underpin the company’s work.


What does LFPS stand for? No, not ‘Light Fantastic Production Services’ – I mean stand in the figurative sense. What do we believe in? What are our company’s core values?


I’ve been asking myself this question recently, now that we’ve reached our fifteen year milestone. The company has come a long way from the days of sticking fixtures in my car boot, but one thing hasn’t changed: all of us at LFPS are still a tight-knit family. I’m proud of the team and the culture we have created here.


After spending some time thinking, I’ve boiled down what I believe LFPS stands for into five points, which can be summarised in one statement:  We strive to be the team that delivers the best creatively driven technical solutions.


First off, strive: we are passionate about what we do, and we work hard. We never settle for second best, and are always looking for opportunities to learn and improve. Team: the LFPS team spends a lot of time together both on site and in the office, so supporting each other and collaborating effectively is key. We have fun and we have each other’s backs.


Delivery: we always put the customer first, and we work harder than the competition. Holding ourselves to a high standard is the reason LFPS was able to win repeat clients and reach the size it is today. Creative: we start with the art, and we think outside the box whenever possible. And lastly, solutions: we revel in challenges, turn problems into opportunities, and we think on our feet.


Of course, deciding on our company’s values shouldn’t be something that only comes from the top down. Our culture is created by our staff, and they need to have a say in the process, too. That’s why we’re in the process of brainstorming together, discussing what we all think our values are, and what they should be. We’ll keep you posted with the results.


Our team has a huge variety of skills and experience. They are the reason we are able to offer the combination of creative thinking and technical knowledge which sets LFPS apart. It’s not always easy to deliver in the high-pressure environment of live events, but our team does it project after project, and these core values underpin everything we do as a company.